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Birth of the Virgin Mary

Town Museum "Ala Ponzone"

Genovesino and the 17th Century in Cremona

Luigi Miradori (1610 ca.- 1656 )




The painting was made in 1642 for San Lorenzo Church and it is part, together with the paintings commissioned for the same Abbey by the Olivetan Order, of the first public works of the artist in the town,

The painting represents the birth of the Virgin Mary according to the story of the apocryphal gospels. The scene represents in the foreground the great basin ready for the bath of the newborn, in the background a maid ready to dry the baby. On the right a second maid is hanging out a cloth in front of the fire and, in the shadow, Anna is resting in the bed. On the left it is possible to detect Gioacchino.

The holy event is enriched by some details of the everyday life. In this picture, Miradori, who had just moved to Cremona, demonstrates he can update the most Genovese elements of his training path paying attention to the natural elements which are more typical of the Lombardy painting school.

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