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Portrait of Sigismondo Ponzoni

Town Museum "Ala Ponzone"

Portraits of the family Ala Ponzone

Luigi Miradori (1605/1656)




In this picture is portrayed the little brother, who is four years old, with a big dog while he is holding a paper with some words inspired by his father’s love (Padre che nel formarmi avesti parte prendimi hor riformato ancor dall’arte).

Third and probably favorite son of the Count, Sigismondo was undoubtedly the smartest among the Ponzone brothers: music lover, skilled in fencing, he got married with a member of the Gonzaga family and, when his brother Federico died (the first son had died when he was a baby), he inherited the title of Count and the legacy of the Ponzoni family. Niccolò’s wife, Olimpia Martinengo Ponzoni, could be the protagonist of a work by Giovanni Battista Tortiroli.
At the beginning of the 18th century, thanks to the marriage of Sigismondo’s daughter, Beatrice, with Giovan Francesco Ala, the counts Ponzone joined the marquesses Ala family. The counts Ponzone, in this way, obtained to use the double surname and to use also the title of counts.

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