Portraits of the family Ala Ponzone

In the legacy of the Marquess Giuseppe Sigismondo Ala Ponzone (1842) were included several family portraits. The room offers a selection of them proposing a double path. On one hand, through the history of the Ponzone family (who were great collectors and gave birth to the Town Museum) and, on the other side, through the Cremonese portraits from the 16th to the 18th century.

The “gallery” begins with two important artworks by Gervasio Gatti, the Cavaliere di Malta, probably Roberto Ponzone, and the Gentildonna characterized by the clear definition of the volumes, the smooth and rosy skins and the elegant and rich clothes.

In the big group of the 17th century portraits, there are those of the sons of Niccolò Ponzone and Olimpia Martinengo: Federico, Pietro Martire e Laura Camilla, all portrayed when they were six years old by the painter Gabriele Zocchi.

Particularly interesting, among the portraits of the 18th century, is the series of ovals with the picture of some ladies which include a prestigious example of the portraits by Giacomo Guerrini. The “gallery” is then closed by the portraits of the marquess Carlo Alberico, his wife Olimpia Valari and the son Giuseppe Sigismondo, this one by Giovanni Moriggia (1796-1878), naturalist and collector who decided to leave to Cremona’s Museum his family and personal collections.

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