The research of the Marques Ala Ponzone involved one of the most important artistic genres of his time: the Eastern pottery. In the European cosmopolitan cultural landscape, people were attracted by an increasing exoticism, connected to the previous century when the chinoiserie was very popular in the aristocratic cabinets.

Till the 18th century, China used to keep the secret of making pottery. Pottery had been popular in Europe since the 14th century, but the production technique was still secret.
Extremely appreciated for the quality of the material, it was tried to make it in Europe thinking that it was produced from the shells or glass’ powder. Till the 16th century, when the Portuguese started to import it systematically, the Chinese pottery was extremely rare, but also when it started to be produced in Europe (18th century) the import trends did not decrease.
In the 19th Century the Eastern pottery will become a fundamental element in the collections of noblemen and middle-class men: they will buy the pottery during their long stay in the Eastern world or in the antiques markets. The items exhibited in the room represent the main elements to be exported, especially for the two main production areas: Chine and Japan..


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