Bernabò Visconti in the Marignano Forest
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Bernabò Visconti in the Marignano Forest

Town Museum "Ala Ponzone"

Diotti and first 19th century room

Enrico Scuri (1806/1884)

19th century


The subject, taken by the Storia di Milano by Pietro Verri, is connected to a legendary episode of Bernabò Visconti’s life. He was a cruel and immoral vassal who, rarely, was the protagonist of sincere and loyal actions.

He lost his horse in a forest of his kingdom and, in the night, he met a forest ranger. Without being recognized, he convinced the ranger to lead him back home.

Along the road, using several tricks, he convinced the other to express the anger and the grudge of the population against the local government.

The scene represents the moment when Visconti arrives to the kingdom and he meets a group of courtiers who, in the meantime, had taken some torches to go and search for the Lord. It is extremely interesting the look of the forest ranger who is afraid of a punishment while the smart Lord tries to reassure him.

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