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Portrait of Giovanni Beltrami

Town Museum "Ala Ponzone"

Piccio in Cremona and Giovanni Beltrami

Giovanni Carnovali (1804/1873)


secondo quarto XIX secolo


The artwork probably dates back to the period after the painter’s journey to Rome and it is characterized by a vibrant style, which is quite unusual in Piccio. The portrait shows Giovanni Beltrami (1770-1854) in the moment of his successful career as cameos and precious stones’ engraver, while he is showing an example of his production: a medal with engraved profiles which represented the most commercial part of his production.
Among his commissioners there are Napoleon and Giuseppina Beauharnais (for her he engraved the Psyche tale on sixteen precious stones), the Italian vice-king Eugenio Beauharnais, the general Murat, the prince of Soresina Vidoni and the Turina (who was a commissioner also of Piccio).

Giovanni Beltrami in this portrait conveys a sense of awareness and security for his obtained results. This artwork expresses a perfect understanding between the painter and his important model, point of reference for one entire generation of artists and for the same Carnovali.
From the face in the painting, we have the impression of a man who is more or less 60 years old. The effect of realism obtained by Piccio, who depicts with his painting his famous friend, has also a celebration intent. ve con una tonalità decisamente celebrativa.

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